Residential Accommodation at Malvern Outdoor Elements

All our accommodation is set within the centre in communal, friendly living areas. The accommodation is split into 3 areas of varying sizes and types. To get the best residential experience we do not mix groups within accommodation blocks. This means you will have the sole use of the facilities and not have to share anything.

South Block accommodation

56 bedded accommodation. Set in a single storey classic building, this building has charm and character in its warren of rooms. There are eleven dormitory style rooms ranging from single bed to twelve bed rooms. Included in the block are three common areas and a classroom. A small kitchen is also included within the building.

North Block accommodation

44 bedded accommodation. This modern style brick building is split into two areas with accommodation and facilities in one and dedicated common room and skittles alley in another. Dormitories are split into single en-suite and large dormitory style rooms on two floors.


This is a Scandinavian style wood built chalet for smaller groups. It can accommodate up to 16 people in one self contained block. The chalet is set on one level and has disabled access to toilets and showers.


The campsite is situated on the only flat part of our site. It has its own dedicated facilities and camping barn. There is also a campfire so groups can roast marshmallows and sing till their hearts are content!


Residential groups enjoy a hearty breakfast, packed lunch and evening meal. We also supply homemade cakes and drinks throughout the stay. We cater for dietary requirements and offer a wide range of choices at every meal, so even the most choosy of children will find something they enjoy. We have a fully stocked salad and fruit bar at every meal and make sure everyone is fuelled ready for the day ahead.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Breakfast Cooked breakfast Continental Breakfast Cooked breakfast Continental breakfast
Lunch Own packed lunch Packed lunch Packed Lunch Packed Lunch Packed lunch
Dinner Pasta bolognaise Fish cakes and potatoes wedges Chicken curry Steak pie, vegetables and new potatoes
Vegetable rice bake Cottage pie Stuffed peppers and couscous Cheese and onion quiche
Baked syrup sponge and custard Cherry cake and cream Peach crumble Jelly and ice cream
Supper Flapjack Iced buns Chocolate crunch Muffins